a unique exhibition series, demonstrating an exciting collaboration between illustrator & photographer..

Sweeping silently through the night..
Unseen.. They come..
Seeping through the cracks. They enter our lives.
Misunderstood, misread..
They do what they do. No one knows why..? How..?
Where from..? Where to..?
Some attack, and overwhelm us.. Some don't.
Nothing about them seems conistent.
Other than their unnerving presence.
At first we fight.
But it's a weak pathetic fight.
Nothing seems to stop them. We are powerless..
Over time. We begin to understand.
We begin to appreciate their differences..

“If graphics were
music, these would
be slammin tunes"

(Comments book May 11)

Some are bad. Very bad.. But some are good..
Most of them just want to play.
But some want to kill, maim and destroy us.
We learn to use them. We learn to
turn them against one another.
And eventually, to depend upon them.
The 'good' ones make life easier, better, more fun.
The 'bad' ones.. They know nothing other
than destruction, death and mayhem.
These, are the 8-bits.
A new age is upon us,
and they will never leave.
They begin to evolve..
So, must we..